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Best Practices for Climate Change Adaptation: Spotlight on Michigan Coastal Wetlands

Published September 2014

The Best Practices for Climate Change Adaptation: Spotlight on Michigan Coastal Wetlands toolkit is posted on the Coastal Wetland Adaptation to Climate Change page.   Please visit the page for comprehensive details and PDF downloads.

Visit the Coastal Wetland Adaptation to Climate Change page to download the document...   Read More »

The Potential Economic Impact of Offshore Wind Energy in the Great Lakes

Download PDF | Published October 2013

 ...   Read More »

Offshore Wind Energy: Understanding Impacts on Great Lakes Fishery and Other Aquatic Resources

Download PDF | Published Spring 2013...   Read More »

State of the Science: An Assessment of Research on the Ecological Impacts of Wind Energy in the Great Lakes Region

Download PDF | Published October 2011

This report provides an assessment of the research and research needs based on information presented at the March 2011 Great Lakes Wind Collaborative State of the Science Workshop on the Ecological Effects of Wind....   Read More »

Integrating Energy and Water Resources Decision Making in the Great Lakes Basin: An Examination of Future Power Generation Scenarios and Water Resource Impacts

Download PDF | Published October 2011

The synthesis report from Phase I of the Great Lakes Energy-Water Nexus (GLEW) Initiative....   Read More »

Best Practices for Sustainable Wind Energy Development in the Great Lakes Region

Download Entire Toolkit PDF | Published July 2011
Individual sections:
Balanced and Uniform Siting Policies
Financing mechanisms and Financial Incitatives
Renewable Portfolio Standards
Integrated Resource Planning, Transmission Planing and Advanced Grid Management
Strategic Siting for Efficient Transmission Management
Accessibility of Wind Project Documents
Community Support through Public Engagement and Outreach...   Read More »

Great Lakes Wind Collaborative: Prospectus

Download PDF | Published 2011

The prospectus of the Great Lakes Wind Collaborative (GLWC), a multi-sector coalition of wind energy stakeholders working to facilitate the sustainable development of wind power in the binational Great Lakes region....   Read More »

The Role of the Great Lakes-St. Lawrence Seaway Ports in the Advancement of the Wind Energy Industry

Download PDF | Published September 2010

The results of a Great Lakes Wind Collaborative survey of ports in the Great Lakes St. Lawrence Seaway region to assess the readiness and willingness of the ports to handle wind turbine cargo....   Read More »

State and Provincial Land-Based Wind Farm Siting Policy in the Great Lakes Region: Summary and Analysis

Download PDF | Published January 2010

A summary and analysis of land-based wind farm siting policy in the Great Lakes region, including state and provincial policy summaries....   Read More »

Great Lakes State and Provincial Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation: Progress, Challenges and Opportunities

Download PDF | Published November 2009

This paper examines the state of climate change policy among the Great Lakes states and provinces based on a literature and internet review and interviews conducted with lead climate change staff in the states of Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota, New York and Pennsylvania....   Read More »

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