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Review of In-stream Nonpoint Source Control Methodologies to Reduce Erosion and Sedimentation and Abate Phosphorus Loadings to the Great Lakes

Download PDF | Published October 2014

This report presents a comprehensive literature review of innovative in-stream best management practices used throughout the United States and Canada to reduce nonpoint source pollution and phosphorus loadings, including constructed wetlands, riparian buffers, reactive materials, scrubber boxes, bed load interception technology, and two-stage ditches. Information is provided ...   Read More »

Beneficial Use of Dredged Material in the Great Lakes

Download PDF  |  Published March 2013...   Read More »

Upland Beneficial Use of Dredged Material Testing and Evaluation Annotated Bibliography – Second Edition

Download PDF | Published September 2004

This annotated bibliography serves as a companion document to the Regional Framework document. It includes all the references cited in the framework and many additional ones that might be useful in evaluating dredged material for beneficial uses....   Read More »

Testing and Evaluating Dredged Material for Upland Beneficial Uses: A Regional Framework for the Great Lakes – Second Edition

Download PDF | Published September 2004

This document offers a step-by-step guide to identifying upland beneficial use opportunities, evaluating suitability, and implementation using a risk-based approach. Eight different upland beneficial use scenarios are evaluated with tables comparing relevant state contaminant criteria. Detailed references are provided in the companion Annotated Bibliography...   Read More »

Beneficial Uses of Great Lakes Dredged Material: A Report of the Beneficial Use Task Force

Download PDF  |  Published October 2001...   Read More »

Waste to Resource: Beneficial Use of Great Lakes Dredged Material

Download PDF  |  Published August 2001

This 16-page full-color booklet answers common questions about Great Lakes dredged material and its use for productive purposes. It includes case studies and a map of different types of beneficial use projects around the Great Lakes....   Read More »

Living With the Lakes: Understanding and Adapting to Great Lakes Water Level Changes

Download pdf | Published February 2000

The Great Lakes-St. Lawrence River system is a dynamic environment, still evolving over time. Ever since the last glaciers retreated more than 10,000 years ago, Great Lakes water levels and outflows have varied dramatically. The Great Lakes affect human activities and all aspects of ...   Read More »

Dredging and the Great Lakes

Download PDF | Published October 1999

This illustrated booklet, a product of the Great Lakes Dredging Team, provides an excellent overview of dredging activity on the lakes, including issues such as beneficial use of dredged material, the role of sedimentation, and the dredging connection with commercial navigation....   Read More »

Proceedings of Keeping it on the land . . . and out of the water!

Download PDF | Published September 1998

This document contains text from the keynote speakers, abstracts of the break-out sessions, and contact information for presenters and attendees at the conference....   Read More »

Keeping It on the Land! Improving Great Lakes Water Quality by Controlling Soil Erosion and Sedimentation

Download PDF | Published August 1992

This booklet highlights soil erosion and sedimentation problems in the Great Lakes Basin, examines their environmental and economic implications, reviews current programs, and identifies agencies and organizations that can provide advice and assistance. Published with funding from U.S. EPA Region V....   Read More »

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